Speaking Engagements

Many organizations are looking for dynamic speakers to educate and entertain their members. And the topic of financial stress reduction and money motivation can be both.

Lora has been referred to as "the Money motivator" because she gets people excited about managing their finances in different ways and learning new tools to accomplish their financial goals.

Money motivation topics

  • Financial Stress Reduction
  • Taking the Stress out of Money
  • Money Motivation
  • Budgeting and how to better manage your money
  • Be Proactive not Reactive with your money

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Lora Fickett - Financial Coach & Money Motivator

Lora Fickett, CPA , MBA
Certified Financial Stress Reduction® Coach
Phone: (978) 235-4033

Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for teaching me the Financial Stress Reduction┬« Class. I had learned a lot and find myself noticing the negative thoughts and when I do they disappear. I was entering all my… “Jan Pacific”

Jan Pacific
Abbey Water Treatment, Inc.