Holiday Stress!!!

Holiday Stress

Holiday stress is at an all time high for many people! Not only is there a lot to do, adding to your physical and mental stress, things have become much more expensive. One hundred dollars used to go a lot further than it does now, adding to your financial stress.

I have teenagers and a toddler and a huge shopping list. In years past, I was shopping on December 24th, trying to get in the last minute gifts. I was paying for everything in January if I was lucky. I always felt like I was behind and I couldn’t enjoy the holiday. The stress started the day after Thanksgiving and didn’t end until the new year when new stress took it’s place.

Can any of you relate?  But, this year is different. This year is stress free!

How has this year become stress-free?

What did I do differently?

I am actually spending less money this year than I have in the past (I hope my children aren’t reading this, they would not approve).

Is that why it’s less stressful?

No. I set a goal, made a plan, used a budget and followed through on everything to hit my target.  For me this was easy because I have the right tools to accomplish these things. I knew:

  • Who I needed to buy for
  • What I wanted to buy them
  • When I was going to purchase the items
  • How much I was going to spend

And instead of having a December 25th deadline, I set a December 10th deadline.

Stress is when you have an issue that you don’t know how to address, don’t want to address or feel like you can’t address. When you are given the tools to fix the issue, the stress goes away.

How do you get the right tools to fix the right problem.

  • Financial stress?  Give me a call.
  • Time Management stress?  I have a friend that can help.
  • Stressed about your health?  Learn to eat right and exercise and the stress will go away.

None of these issues are little and they are hard to fix alone.  Find a coach and don’t be shy when it comes to asking for help. Life is too short to not enjoy each and every holiday.

Stress less this season. Ask for help on your holiday list!

Happy Holidays!