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I attended Financial Stress Reduction course expertly taught by Lora Fickett and my life has never been the same. I grew up with a complicated and strained relationship to money and quite frankly, was scared of it.

When I first met Lora, I was apprehensive about her course and felt afraid of what she was teaching. My negative experiences told me that anyone offering to help you with money was trying to scam you, and yet something deep inside me told me, “you need to listen and give this a shot”. Having known Lora for a few months at this point I reminded myself that she is a caring person and only wants to help. And so I pushed through the stories in my head and signed up for her course.

Throughout the course I was able to pinpoint my internal blocks with money, what was keeping me in a lack mindset and was given the tools on how to overcome them all within the first two weeks! Things were moving
fast! I learned how to budget, count my money, and as a result, no longer feel doom when I think about money, I now feel just as confident when money comes in, as I do when it goes out.

Lora is a kind woman who genuinely wants the best for anyone who comes in contact with her. It has been almost a year now since I have taken her class and I can honestly say, I would not be where I am today without her. My business is flourishing and continues to grow at a fast rate. In my personal life, I now have control over my student debt, and can make plans for my future without fear because of the knowledge she has shown me.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU Lora! You have changed my life in so many ways and I am grateful the universe placed us in the same networking group. The universe knows what it is doing!

From one dolphin to another…

Mayari V.

After taking the class, and using the debt elimination system, I immediately stopped using my credit cards, got a handle on my debt and tripled my income!.


I made fundamental shifts in my attitude towards money and my ability to envision, control, and enrich both my business and personal fiances. This course is hands down the best Investment I have ever made.


Thank you so much for teaching me the Financial Stress Reduction® Class. I had learned a lot and find myself noticing the negative thoughts and when I do they disappear.

I was entering all my deposits and invoices in QuickBooks last night (I was a few months behind since work has been so busy) I doubled what I did last year. Ever since the class work has been flowing in.

Jan Pacific
Abbey Water Treatment, Inc.
Lora Fickett - Financial Stress Reduction Coach

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