Client Testimonials

After taking the class, and using the debt elimination system, I immediately stopped using my credit cards, got a handle on my debt and tripled my income!.


I made fundamental shifts in my attitude towards money and my ability to envision, control, and enrich both my business and personal fiances. This course is hands down the best Investment I have ever made.


Thank you so much for teaching me the Financial Stress Reduction® Class. I had learned a lot and find myself noticing the negative thoughts and when I do they disappear.

I was entering all my deposits and invoices in QuickBooks last night (I was a few months behind since work has been so busy) I doubled what I did last year. Ever since the class work has been flowing in.

Jan Pacific
Abbey Water Treatment, Inc.
Lora Fickett - Financial Stress Reduction Coach

Lora Fickett, CPA , MBA
Certified Financial Stress Reduction® Coach
Phone: (978) 235-4033

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April 20, 2020
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