About Fickett Financial Coaching

I'm Lora Fickett, a Certified Financial Stress Reduction® Coach. I help individuals, executives and business owners reduce the stress that comes with not having control of your financial situation.

My mission is the help increase people's financial education so they can be more successful in their business and personal life and live a better life.

Financial stress can be different for everyone but it takes a toll on people's relationships and their health. That is why I offer a Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop to give people the tools they need to make changes that can affect their financial well-being.

Why Financial Coaching?

I started this business because I feel it aligns with my life's purpose and takes advantage of my strengths to help people overcome a real burden that gets in the way of being happy.

I offer clients hope that there is a better way of handling their finances. Many people feel like finances are a lonely subject. I show them that not only is there someone willing to help them, but give them the hope and then the education to move forward in a more productive and profitable way.

Why am I able to provide financial stress reduction coaching?

  • I lost my father when I was 14 and my financial education helped me apply to college and get a full scholarship.
  • I was in a very unpleasant marriage with 3 children and my financial education helped me through the divorce, stay afloat and support my children as a single mother.
  • I knew public accounting wasn't making use of my speaking and coaching skills and my financial education helped me leave that industry to become an entrepreneur.
  • I want everyone to feel confident with their finances so no matter what situation is thrown at them in life, they can use their financial tools to preserve and succeed instead of being lost and decimated.

What services do I offer?

I offer services for both businesses and individuals that help them become more comfortable with financial matters. I work with:

  • Corporations to coach their employees to reduce their financial stress making them more productive at work, increasing retention thus decreasing the turnover rates, and allowing employees to be happier, healthier and loyal.
  • Executives and business owners to increase their sales, focus on better money management and make better business decisions.
  • Individuals through my Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop helping them acquire the tools they need to lead a happy, healthy, successful life.

I am also available to speak at your conference or organization about financial stress reduction and money motivation.

Let us answer your questions and help you get your financial house in order. Contact me today and set up a free consultation.

Lora Fickett - Financial Stress Reduction® Coach

Lora Fickett, CPA , MBA
Certified Financial Stress Reduction® Coach
Phone: (978) 235-4033

Workshops Begin

Monday or Wednesday Evenings from 7-9pm EST tele-class starting:

April 8, 2024
August 5 and 7th, 2024
October 7, 2024

Workshops continue for 8 consecutive weeks

 private sessions by appointment

Client Testimonials

I attended Financial Stress Reduction course expertly taught by Lora Fickett and my life has never been the same. I grew up with a complicated and strained relationship to money and quite frankly, was scared… “Mayari”

Mayari V.