Are You Always Stressed About Money?

Why do you need Financial Coaching and meet Lora Fickett in this short interview.

What Questions about Money Keep You Up at Night?

You have a great income but for some reason you never feel like you can get ahead. Maybe it's time to take control of your money and change your habits around money. Are the following questions keeping you up at night?

For Individuals

Financial Stress Reduction - Individual

  • Can I pay my bills or student loans?
  • Can we afford a vacation?
  • How will I eliminate my credit card debt and begin to save for retirement?

For Business Owners

Financial Stress Reduction Coaching

  • What if I don’t get any new customers?
  • How can I handle my cash flow better?
  • Am I going to make it?

It’s time to change your habits and thoughts around money and achieve the vision of the life or business you’ve always wanted. Find ways to make more money, manage your money better and accumulate it to build your wealth and get ahead faster!

Unless you tell your money where to go, you'll always wonder where it went.

Letting your finances get away from you can cause problems that stretch far into the future. At Fickett Financial Coaching, we provide a range of financial services designed to help you better manage your life and make sure you are on a healthy fiscal path.

Whether you are an individual looking to take control of your finances, a business owner who needs a trusted advisor to help run the business or an organization leader that wants to provide financial wellness programs as an employee benefit, we have a program that will work for you.


Financial Stress Reduction Workshops & Teleclasses

Are you looking to change your money mindset and habits so you can create more money, eliminate debt, and enjoy more time off for fun?

Private Coaching

Private Financial Coaching

Do you have a business that is struggling financially, has reached a plateau or just want a trusted advisor to help you with the financial aspects of your business?

Speaking Engagements

Financial Stress Reduction Speaking Engagements

Looking for an energetic and passionate presenter to help your organization learn more about managing finances, making more money or increasing their wealth?

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